Nothing but brown, for an edgy look….!



But never leave black behind…..


Feel good, be confident….. don’t lose personal style.


Probably sexy in a Skirt.

Ladies who are lovers of skirts, probably will not go without a front slit skirt which is sexy. I love the pattern of the woolen skirt.

Thanks for the perfect body shape and size. In a skirt its more perfect. Coupled up with a denim top.

Its even more sexy with the cream colours.

If you agree with me, its more on how you wear it, whether or not it fits. Its not about the size or how much you expose that makes your look better.

Appreciate and embrace the fact that we were made for them.

Write your own ending.


Previously before your happy life started, there was another life. There was that previous episode of your life that you should keep relating to your current one, to derive sense in your current life. As it is in movies, series in particular, the re-running of a previous episode allows to connect between previous and current episode.
It is important that I relate every episode of my life in order to get the whole picture of my life, for me to learn. Some episodes are sad others are a walk in the park, others we love, probably hate their ending, others we choose not to remember. They all count,adding up to a movie. They take their own distinct time.
The first episode of your life, equally important to the current one. Some are shorter, others take long. Depends on a producer’s work, other things can be taken into account.
Previously before you got where you are now, you definitely were somewhere else. The previous may not be pleasing than the current but, the current won’t be, without the previous either.
Its an interconnection of episodes to make a life series. Every episode must end to give way to a new or the next episode.
It’s only in the dictionary where the word ‘current’ appear before ‘previous’ and both words have their meanings. The previous might be different in content, at that time it was important in your eyes.
To bring out the overall theme and meaning of your life. Every single episode is worth your life. Your yesterday as important as your today. Before the start of a new episode you need to re-run the previous one, something to remind you where you are headed and how far you have come from. We never know of the next episode- the future- until we are in it.

Gold Rush 2.


….still rushing for the ‘gold mines’, and as the long journey yet to start, she had an idea that opportunities exist, yes, but only to the connected. With everything that was happening, she didn’t know whether she was coming or going, just the thought of being on her way.

It was the search of the start. The world had a word for her, I believe in you, you are a great person now and in the future, it is indeed a brighter one. The holy books say, life in the future is better and brighter but what did the society say to her, you have to struggle to earn a life. The question was, ‘what should I go for?’….

The future for her, was in the dark, she had no idea if she will make it through. School life seemed better, she had marks to worry about, it was easier, easier than the thought of what this future had in store for her. If only it was predictable…

If time travel was possible, she could travel 10 years into the future to see what it was like, if possible come back to time and make right decisions. But, Lil Wayne said, ‘life lined up in the mirror, don blow it….’.

In her, you see love, love to achieve the set goals and dreams, but in her you also see the pain that came with the pride…. so watch her space.



The day seem to melt together as her life begins to bleed together in the endless wake of time because nothing now matters anymore, the days growing shorter. Some say if I have you I have everything, but that is not her case.
Its is the final year and term in campus, time to kiss campus life goodbye. People rushing for available ‘gold mines’.. they are precious. Precious rewarding opportunities out there in the search for a good life I suppose. She is there trying to figure out what next after this seemingly perfect life in campus.
‘It was just yesterday when I came upon this road’, perhaps that’s what she is thinking. The longing to chase a dream like any other youngster out there. The life seems ideal; even when the darkness seem to never leave her mind- the highest and infinite feeling of light and always forever will be there.
She just needed to find it. Longing for the moment to find a life she always wanted, the kind of life that you need no vacation.
It was her dream. It will be a long ride, journey to her dreams and destiny……..

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