Cool in cold.

Under the impression that what men can do,women can do more better.

The choice of shoes to pair with the pants…..


Black on board.

From the recent billboard music awards 2017. A highlight of some of the artists who wore black and were just perfect.

It all depends on how you wear it- whether casual for cool understated look.

  1. Ansel Elgort- American actor and Singer. #Simple but well done. So edgy.


2. Shawn Hook- Canadian singer. #perfect for a fun day.


3. Prince Michael Jackson. Keeping memories alive for his father late Michael Jackson.Stepped out in a simple outfit. Looking casually good.


4. Chris Daughtry- American singer, Songwriter, Actor known as a rhythm guitarist. The perfect look, well not in black but I like the brown shoes.


Style is personal.

5. Jeannie Mai- An american hostess and fashion expert. In an elegant black dress. Colour of sophistication and power.



Gold! Not anymore.


….yeah she thought it was only gold, but no. There was diamond too. ‘Why not chase my dreams?… she knew the direction of those dreams. Can’t I stand alone?’…..

It dawned to her that even the compass has 4 directions, even if there was east-west, there was also home, which was the best. It was time for her to shine bright. Not because people are shining, but because she was destined to be a star. There is this star that shines brighter than the others, still called a star like the less shiny ones. So I am not for the gold, I am for the diamonds. They are still precious you know.

This, was a self discovery. She was for the journey, not what came with it. The world belongs to everybody, but not everybody belongs here. That’s kinda spiritual. But wait, she can not chose a weapon to use in every battle she has to fight, but creativity was the key.

So in this new space of her, were opportunities but she had to take them one at a time. Earlier that day, she had a moment of self reflection.. that is the moment she discovered that diamonds too exist. So she had to change tactics. Focusing on the one and only goal…. as her desires so was her will, and as her will was the deeds which was what to reap from– life karma.



Black has been the main colour in fashion and costume.

At times it signifies death, power, elegance, and sex appeal. Other various and often ambigous meanings.


Black is power, dark; the bold and black.

Most loved colour in fashion. Going with everything, black is flattering.


Its a colour of mystery and mortality.

Black in fashion.