Cool in cold.

Under the impression that what men can do,women can do more better.

The choice of shoes to pair with the pants…..


Pregnant and sexy.


Apart from changes in body size and shape, pregnancy can change the types of clothes a lady wears. Pregnancy should not be a reason to be out of fashion. Look fabulous in the most sexiest clothes.
Its not a time to wear baggy clothes, no need to hide the growing bump. Slip in that best and tight outfit, that makes you look gorgeous.




Before Summer Ends.

I tend to think that the love for fashion goes hand in hand with the love of one body. You can’t show off what you don’t have and more what you love.

If you love your body, you will definitely go for what is best for your body; the best outfit.

Croptops have been trending lately and they come in for the diverse body shapes and sizes. So love your body first.

Black on board.

From the recent billboard music awards 2017. A highlight of some of the artists who wore black and were just perfect.

It all depends on how you wear it- whether casual for cool understated look.

  1. Ansel Elgort- American actor and Singer. #Simple but well done. So edgy.


2. Shawn Hook- Canadian singer. #perfect for a fun day.


3. Prince Michael Jackson. Keeping memories alive for his father late Michael Jackson.Stepped out in a simple outfit. Looking casually good.


4. Chris Daughtry- American singer, Songwriter, Actor known as a rhythm guitarist. The perfect look, well not in black but I like the brown shoes.


Style is personal.

5. Jeannie Mai- An american hostess and fashion expert. In an elegant black dress. Colour of sophistication and power.