Welcome to my blog.

This is a Chris’s  chapter. The Chris world of hope, manipulation, strengths, virtues, abilities, weaknesses too.

Perfection is trying to be the best even in the midst of most challenging circumstances.

A dictionary of my life hits and most of all my misses. When you miss a hit, it does not mean the end of trying. In 10 misses there is always a single hit that you emerge best and that is enough to make a step.

Bringing out the best from the worst makes someone the best. It makes someone a hero. Being great is a dream that everyone yearns to, it is the actualization of my misses. It might also be my last and real hit.

I have the power and strength. I have the hope and above all I have trust in GOD.

I hope we can share our experiences, learn from them and create an insight on what is yet to be in the line of fashion. Thank you and be ready to learn and feel free to share your opinions.