The Human.

They have never been helpless.

Humans have only deflected,

Or deceived,

Or dispirited.

So long as people have a vision,

Of life as it ought to be;

So long as they comprehend the full power

of an unfettered mind,

they can look at the world with confidence.

That they are not living in a sterile or hostile arena.

Basic purpose of human destiny do not lie outside him but within him.

LIFE is precious, not because of any universal prevalence it may have.



We rest; but a dream has power to poison sleep.

We rise; but one wandering thought pollutes a day. Resentful of being tired; but appreciate every achievement.

We feel, conceive, or reason; laugh or weep, embrace fond we or cast our cares away;

It is the time: for, be it joy or sorrow, the path of its departure still is free.

Man’s yesterday may never be like his ‘morrow; Nought may endure but mutability.

Untamed yet obedient.

My courage and resolution firm.

My hopes fluctuate, and my spirit often depressed. When I am glowing with the enthusiasm of success, there is no one to participate my joy;

Assailed by disappointment, no one will endeavor to sustain me in dejection.

I shall commit my thoughts to paper. Because no one will understand me. Until I find a person to concur with my thoughts, I’ll always keep them to my self.

People think that I’m a lunatic and even the hypocrite they see in me, but they never get to see my true heart and thoughts. They think I follow their course but I only follow the movements and keep to my routes and roots.

I like smiling and being happy mostly from silly things just because I want my teeth to have fresh air not because I like laughing. I am untamed yet obedient element; Nothing and Nobody can stop the determined heart and resolved will of a man.

I am a creature of double existence; Suffering misery and overwhelmed by disappointments yet when I retire into myself, I am like a celestial spirit, that has a halo around me, within whose circle no grief or folly ventures.

I have been tutored and refined by books and having intuitive discernment; quick but never failing power of judgment.


Keeping aside your bread and butter, jam jars can be removed. And your high-teas remain so high, way from the reach.

Of a daughter of Africa who will never be satisfied. The problem’s not ladies, the problem’s not men, the problem’s our children.. The culture is broken, manners are gone. What will young men do, who will they marry?

When they walk in the rain catching crowded buses, and sugar-daddies have cars which are a smooth transport…. when youth offers fish and chips and fat-bellies can afford a square-meal?

The competition out of proportion is, and the female young get tainted. Before they know what’s life.