Differences exist. Yeah a horde of variations. We all have opinions driven by motives. This is a story based on how most people, well lets say, don’t get the clear picture, the way we think is very much important. Thinking gives a human the direction on doing things maybe. Not just thinking, Positive Thinking.

We are told not to let our emotions get on our way, yeah I never was an analyst, not a political  analyst in the least. But this one is about politics.

The people we fight for, we get killed for, lose our eyes for,  cannot even lose a finger for us. Well maybe thats even too much to think of but yeah not even breathe can they purchase for us. You might be lucky if one of them was your mum or dad. But i bet its only a microfraction of this country would fall in the lucky-list. The times of Jesus are gone when a man died for another.

 Well yeah, the disparities that exist. They are only politicians working to achieve whatever their childhood-adulthood goals maybe. The human mind is easy target on manipulation especially when your head is empty therefore creating room for everything ill one hear from these people.

Kenyan general elections 2017, just concluded. With a probably a few casualties, fighting for their own (preferred leader). Well, its allowed to express grievances, as far as I know but I guess, hear, is the most appropriate.

Try to figure out, when you take your body and flesh to the streets, throwing stones, spilling blood of your own flesh anyhow to the ground, probably these guys here are sitted, watching you fight for them. Thats, very sacrificial!! 

When you break glasses that belong to your neighbours’ house, take it to the grave that, these bosses you fight for, have their mansions heavily guarded, they can afford it. Who is your guard? You fight for them, but they will always occupy the most secure, developed neighbourhoods what about you, the only place you can afford is a low class, insecure, underdeveloped slum available, probably.

These political enemies, are real life friends, their kids attend high class International Schools for that matter. Heavily equiped, most expensive schools. The likes of Brookhouse, Braeburn etc. And why not? Their Dads and mums are working, determined to make the lives of their kids better while someone is in the streets dying for them. 

Their kids ride in the most expensive vehicles, probably for a common mwananchi to drive will have to auction a piece of land, which in this case will never be a choice.

Without even thinking much, just the last time you threw a party for your kid during his or her birthday, I bet you can remember when or most probably you never did. Some never even remember the day they were born. 

Well i thought thinking is so important so far. Think of who you can fight for and not end up a loser while they gain. Someone who, fighting for makes both of you winners. Your neighbour is much far important than that leader you only watch on screens for them that are lucky.

No one is in a better position to change a country than you. Not the one in the lead, but the one following the lead. Its you and me.  

They will never work for us, everyone does for own self. Not for the second being. 

Think right if you wanna be right. If you wanna be wrong, you know the answer.


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