Probably before she could enjoy her blooming years, you came in.

Gave up her youth, because of you.

Probably gave up her time to enjoy maisha, to embark on a journey of bringing you up.

Probably, gave up her education because she would rather keep you.

Before she could enjoy her peaciful night sleep, you were there crying for attention.

Before she bought a pair of shoe for herself, you were there, she bought yours first. Her’s could wait.

The only coin she had, belonged to you. She paid for your education.

The only plate of food that was, she gave it up, for you.

You came first. Taking over all the joy she had. The monopoly of life she enjoyed. Because your happiness came first.

Losing her youth, to gain you. Feeling that it was enough for her.


She deserves better, just as much as you do.

Gone through an imperfect life, to perfect yours. She is not a preplanned list or a recipe of perfection.

More than a little appreciation is all she needs, worth the life she gave up for you.

Bringing back a smile to their faces. Going places to make you happy and content.

Whether dark or light, fat or thin, they are beautiful mothers. They think about you everyday; each passing second and minute.

When there is no one to turn to, they are there to hold you even when you’ve messed up.

Simply because that was their sacrifice of being a MOTHER.


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