Cool in cold.

Under the impression that what men can do,women can do more better.

The choice of shoes to pair with the pants…..


Probably sexy in a Skirt.

Ladies who are lovers of skirts, probably will not go without a front slit skirt which is sexy. I love the pattern of the woolen skirt.

Thanks for the perfect body shape and size. In a skirt its more perfect. Coupled up with a denim top.

Its even more sexy with the cream colours.

If you agree with me, its more on how you wear it, whether or not it fits. Its not about the size or how much you expose that makes your look better.

Appreciate and embrace the fact that we were made for them.



Probably before she could enjoy her blooming years, you came in.

Gave up her youth, because of you.

Probably gave up her time to enjoy maisha, to embark on a journey of bringing you up.

Probably, gave up her education because she would rather keep you.

Before she could enjoy her peaciful night sleep, you were there crying for attention.

Before she bought a pair of shoe for herself, you were there, she bought yours first. Her’s could wait.

The only coin she had, belonged to you. She paid for your education.

The only plate of food that was, she gave it up, for you.

You came first. Taking over all the joy she had. The monopoly of life she enjoyed. Because your happiness came first.

Losing her youth, to gain you. Feeling that it was enough for her.


She deserves better, just as much as you do.

Gone through an imperfect life, to perfect yours. She is not a preplanned list or a recipe of perfection.

More than a little appreciation is all she needs, worth the life she gave up for you.

Bringing back a smile to their faces. Going places to make you happy and content.

Whether dark or light, fat or thin, they are beautiful mothers. They think about you everyday; each passing second and minute.

When there is no one to turn to, they are there to hold you even when you’ve messed up.

Simply because that was their sacrifice of being a MOTHER.

Write your own ending.


Previously before your happy life started, there was another life. There was that previous episode of your life that you should keep relating to your current one, to derive sense in your current life. As it is in movies, series in particular, the re-running of a previous episode allows to connect between previous and current episode.
It is important that I relate every episode of my life in order to get the whole picture of my life, for me to learn. Some episodes are sad others are a walk in the park, others we love, probably hate their ending, others we choose not to remember. They all count,adding up to a movie. They take their own distinct time.
The first episode of your life, equally important to the current one. Some are shorter, others take long. Depends on a producer’s work, other things can be taken into account.
Previously before you got where you are now, you definitely were somewhere else. The previous may not be pleasing than the current but, the current won’t be, without the previous either.
Its an interconnection of episodes to make a life series. Every episode must end to give way to a new or the next episode.
It’s only in the dictionary where the word ‘current’ appear before ‘previous’ and both words have their meanings. The previous might be different in content, at that time it was important in your eyes.
To bring out the overall theme and meaning of your life. Every single episode is worth your life. Your yesterday as important as your today. Before the start of a new episode you need to re-run the previous one, something to remind you where you are headed and how far you have come from. We never know of the next episode- the future- until we are in it.

Crushing the dream.


Opinions are better listening from people, may be friends, family etc. to keep up with the ups and downs of this life. It also requires a cocktail of courage, believing in oneself and having something to live up for, the dreams, the visions. Most importantly, never allow your opinion be swayed by what other people instil in you from their own lives or what they think is not right for them it might be right for you.
You came into this world alone, and I believe that we all want the best for ourselves. Its human nature, self love. You come first. Sometimes, hit by challenges that we didn’t choose in the first place, others are results of our wrong doings. We are left with few options to choose from.
Growing up, we had dreams, big dreams. The incredible power we had believing in ourself, being naive. Nothing could change what we believed in, not even a magnet changing the orientation of our dreams and visions. Having dreams, a good thing recommended even in the holy books. This is true because, what would we be waking up for everyday, every morning?
Surprisingly, as we grow older, some of these dreams start to fade away leaving us empty and void. Lost hope. I don’t know what it takes to live up for those dreams. Allowing them to fade, because we no longer believe in ourselves. Sorrounding our minds the word impossibility. More than believing, we need the faith.
Sometimes, we listen too much from the outside and forget what was, for the inside. Corrupting our minds, crushing the visions and dreams we have.
With this, I believe there is an unseen force that awaits and see how courageous we are, how much we mean by going for what we believe, to make things happen for us. But the moment we allow the word impossibility to reign in our lives we become limited, again to the limited opportunities of realizing our potential. We are left with an array of thoughts, complicated lifes and confusion. Our dreams become so pale, not able to pick what we want.
I believe we can make our dreams grow and also glow brighter with age, the power within should be greater than the power outside. Listening and learning, but also filtering what works best for our dreams and visions.